CPL Associates

Our CPL Associates are key leaders who work with us in providing training and resources for pioneers and pioneering.

Chris Duffett is an evangelist who founded the Light Project, a growing network of people who love to tell the good news. Chris has served as President of the Baptist Union of England and is one of the leaders of the Baptist Pioneer Collective.

Nic Findlay is a pioneer working in the Liverpool area.

Dave Male is the founder of CPL and is the Church of England's National Advisor for Pioneer Development.

Phil Meadows is the Director of the Inspire Movement - an ecumenical and international network of ordinary Christians who practice mission as a way of life. Phil also serves as a Lecturer in Missiology and Wesleyan Studies at Cliff College.

Mike Moynagh works for Fresh Expressions as Director of Network Development and Consultant on theology and practice. He is based at Wycliffe Hall, Oxford and is responsible for facilitating the development of networks of individuals leading fresh expressions of church, as well as drawing together and reflecting on all that is being learnt about fresh expressions of church. He also has a watching brief on theological education and research.