About the Centre


CPL exists to send out, resource and support a generation of pioneers who will transform lives, shape their wider communities and help to renew the Church

We serve pioneers who are establishing new forms of church and taking the church to new places  throughout the UK and the world, whether they are lay or ordained and whatever denomination they belong to. We work with pioneers to help take their pioneering forward in its scope and effectiveness.

Our aim is to create an environment where pioneers can learn together, be resourced and supported in their pioneering roles.

We also want to help,support and encourage those in permission giving roles who are working with pioneers.

CPL is currently funded by the Diocese of Ely, Ridley Hall Theological College and Westcott House Theological College.

Breakout Conference 1The main areas of the centre’s life are:

  • Resourcing and supporting.

We  provide training for all pioneers, lay and ordained, across the denominations. Primarily this is provided through Pioneer School, various day and residential conferences, the Breakout Conference, retreats, mentoring and consultations

  • Formal Training

We oversee the Ordained Pioneer Ministry Track at Ridley and Westcott for those wanting to train for ordination in the Church of England. We also provide a Foundation Degree with Cambridge CYM in Pioneering and are involved in an MA in Mission taught in Cambridge.

  • International Relations

We provide training and networking for pioneers from across the world so that we can learn from each other in these exciting times. Every two years we host an International Conference in Cambridge. We have been pleased to have partnered with Fresh Expressions for the past two of these important conferences. We have also been involved in conferences recently in Canada, USA and Australia. Our links with pioneers in Europe has grown dramatically over the past few years and we are watching how God is developing these links, with excitement.

  • Research

We aim to provide research facilities for pioneers and researchers who want to develop their research or want some space for a sabbatical or reading and study.

  • Foundations fund

We are seeking to bring pioneers and entrepreneurs together to resource many more pioneering projects.

  • Associates and partnerships

We believe that God works in community, so we aim to partner with other people and organisations to help the work of pioneers develop and flourish. We would always prefer to work with others who share our pioneering DNA.

The centre has grown over the last five years with the support of the Diocese of Ely and two Anglican theological colleges in Cambridge, Westcott House and Ridley Hall. These three bodies are currently the stakeholders of the centre, ensure this work is rooted in the life of the church.